Original Soundtrack by Laura Cannell

F E R A L AUTUMN – Short Film by Daisy Black of Gossamer Thread Circus
with an Original Soundtrack by Laura Cannell

F E R A L – Autumn is a short film written, performed & produced by Daisy Black of Gossamer Thread Circus. It premiered on Sunday 31 October at 10pm “when the veil is thin, the dark has fallen and the Celtic new year begins”. 

F E R A L is a new year-long project by Daisy Black taking place over 2021, exploring a reconnection with the land, marking each pivotal moments of the year and drawing on folktales, the act of rewilding and ecological processes. 

The project is part of Culture Declares Emergency, and was filmed on location at Wild Ken Hill in Norfolk, UK.
Filmed and edited by Alex McAleer with an original score by Laura Cannell.

Supported by Arts Council England, Ockham’s Razor Circus, Out There Arts, Norfolk county council, Copperdot Dance Studio and Faultlines Dance Network.

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