These Feral Lands

JANUARY SOUNDS is the first in a series of twelve as part of a major new project: 

Brawl Records is proud to present JANUARY SOUNDS from UK and Ireland based musicians Laura Cannell and Kate Ellis. Featuring Cannell’s signature evocative overbowed violin alongside Ellis’s deeply expressive cello playing. 

‘Meeting each other has inspired us to create new music that reflects the optimism, the change and also strangeness which has affected both of our working lives. This project is both a sonic and visual diary, and a long distance call and response capturing a moment in time.’ 

2021 NEWS
THESE FERAL LANDS – A Year Documented in Sound and Art is a creative documentation of 2021 with new music by Laura Cannell & Kate Ellis released monthly alongside imagery from 6 visual artists, and supported by the Arts Council of England.

Each month we will be producing New Music, Bespoke Films, a Ltd edition CD/DL and an exciting New Monthly Column documenting the year over at the wonderful Caught by the River the online magazine/space – “an arts/nature/culture clash”, (where I also have my Woodnotes column and other writing on Music & Nature).

The idea for THESE FERAL LANDS began during the first UK lockdown as a way of working remotely with people I was planning to collaborate with in 2020…

These Feral Lands Volume 1 – CD & DL Album Released 13th November 2020
Laura Cannell – Violin & Voice is joined by Stewart Lee – Writer & Comedian, Contemporary Cellist Kate Ellis, Writer & Broadcaster – Jennifer Lucy Allan and Musician & Writer Polly Wright. 

These Feral Lands Volume 1 melds together words and music inspired by feral animal sounds, ancient stories and personal folklore. The ten tracks were built upon a set of unreleased violin improvisations by Cannell titled Buzzard A-H. They were recorded at the beginning of 2020 while watching and being watched by a buzzard sitting on a pole in the farmyard opposite her house. The Buzzard recordings may not always be audible but they are always there, like the Buzzard itself. 

Cannell then invited Stewart Lee to create and record stories inspired by landscape, leaving him free to bring his own meaning and the results are some of the most personal he has written. Recent discoveries about parts of his family geography had come to light, in the area close to where Cannell is from on the Norfolk/Suffolk borders, and also in the Welsh borderlands. 

Wherever we lay our heads, in cities, villages, marshes or borderlands, in this century or the next, we will have the melding of clay, the walking in marshlands, the equinox and the old stories. This is our personal and collective folklore”. 
Laura Cannell August 2020