Release Date: 13th July 2018 on Brawl Records
Reckonings Album Front

“Laura Cannell’s neo-classical music and ritualistic experimentalism has led her to carve out a unique performer’s relationship with her ancient, native UK. Abandoning her trademark recorder for a violin, latterly the Norfolk-native has joined forces with fellow improvisor – and electronic musician- André Bosman. Together they’ve made RECKONINGS, an album of howling double-violin.”

“Cannell’s violin sound, often using an overbow which sounds chords by wrapping across the strings, is entirely unmistakable. When she plays with Bosman the pair produce a complex, layered and expressive sound that is submerged in mud and marsh one moment, and airborne the next. Bosman uses a curved, medieval rebec bow and a battery-powered amplifier, and both metal and gut strings are involved. The two have never recorded their collaboration before, but have clearly been playing together for years. Their improvisation is assured and highly subtle. They weave around and around one another, creating waves of tension, opposition, release and togetherness, summoning pagan ghosts of Saxons from under the consecrated skin of the place. Their soundscape is entirely distinctive, and could only have been made by these two people, at this time, in this location, but it is suffused with a powerful sense of all those who have come before.”
THE QUIETUS (Full Review)

“Laura Cannell probes the areas where the ancient and the modern collide with a series of lacerating violin improvisations alongside partner André Bosman.”

“On Reckonings, we get two experimental violinists for the price of one — this is the debut album from Laura Cannell & André Bosman as a duo. The pair set about channeling medieval cultures and strange alien worlds; herein, ancient melodies co-mingle with the drone of re-imagined, long-asleep Saxons. The album was composed spontaneously and recorded in old churches, to capture the essence of their playing — unrehearsed, unplanned, direct. Their recordings took place during all seasons with wind howling, torrential rain-showers, blazing sun and thawing snow all happening variously outside.”