Boomkat Review – April Sounds ep

A welcome monthly arrival, Cannell & Ellis’ series embraces spring on an ‘April Sounds’ volume beautifully light-headed with a changing of the seasons and oscillating pressure fronts.

More explicitly effected than previous month’s outings, the duo’s 4th episode of 2021 features their vocals and strings deftly treated to reverb and delay to probe more expansive and spectral themes after a particularly earthly, nithered volume of ‘March Sounds.’ Everything here feels born again and renewed with light and space, blessed with the tentative promise of a decent harvest this year. 

Hashing Irish and British folk traditions with contemporary experimental urges, the results feel timeless and flow with a natural grace and pacing that speaks to their combined years in their respective fields; Laura Cannell as an eminent improvisor who has worked with Mark Fell and Rhodri Davies, and Ireland’s Kate Ellis bringing decades of experience as a classical cellist who has recorded with The National and Fovea Hex.” BOOMKAT

Sing As The Crow Flies re-issued on Vinyl

In 2019 Laura Cannell and Polly Wright released an entirely vocal album created by improvising fragments from Folklore and medieval music. It received 4/5 star review in The Guardian and has now been reissued by Boomkat onto a special edition of clear vinyl.

An utterly timeless collection of vocal improv takes its first bow on vinyl, as Laura Cannell & Polly Wright’s debut tribute to the landscape, history and people inspired by a 19th-century book of Norfolk customs and ballads graces our Editions imprint. It’s a wondrous, humbling, and haunting album bridging folk and medieval styles with a plaintive magick that only appears intensified on record – a huge RIYL Hildegaard von Bingen, Arc Light Edition’ Psalm singer recordings, Julianna Barwick.

APRIL SOUNDS by Laura Cannell & Kate Ellis Out Now

The 4th instalment of our EPIC monthly EP release is out TODAY!!

APRIL SOUNDS by Laura Cannell and Kate Ellis

Sleeve Notes:

When things feel broken we can reconstruct them into something new and even more beautiful. Like the ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi (“Golden Repair”), Gold Edges takes our difficult or broken emotions and cultivates a brittle fiddle line with luscious cello and overbowed violin into something new, something simultaneously energetic and dreamlike.

Wild Garlic (creamh) flowers covering the path as we emerged from hibernation… On return to Ireland Kate’s garden was grown over with Creamh. We jokingly said she should write music about Wild Garlic and it became clearer that the most common things hold the most magic. In Irish folklore bears would eat wild garlic as they emerged from hibernation and cloves of wild garlic were planted for good luck in the thatch of Irish cottages as it was thought to deter fairies.

Pizzicato droplets are recorded over the phone, like water splashing onto our wooden shields, we are ready.

“What Birds are these? That come from the Ocean. These are the Birds that Return.”
This song was created from fifteen words of a fragmented poem by the ancient Greek Alcaeus (born 625bc). It’s a reminder that some things have not changed in centuries and no matter what happens, the birds will return and spring will come again.

All tracks composed, recorded & produced by the performers: 
Laura Cannell – Violin / Overbowed Violin / Viola / Voice 
Kate Ellis – Cello / Double Bass.