NEW ALBUM OUT NOW – The Earth With Her Crowns – Laura Cannell

“Cannell does something special here, re-contextualising riffs on early music within cavernous, industrial surroundings and somehow managing to tap into a well of suppressed emotion where there could so easily have just been hollow formality. Some of the most quietly moving and aesthetically provocative records in this field we’ve heard for a while – huge recommendation.” Boomkat

Limited Edition Vinyl and Digital Download available from

The Earth With Her Crowns by Laura Cannell

DAWNS LIVE – with The National Trust

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On Saturday 16 May 2020 you are invited to find your own view of the sky and join in with people across the UK in a shared witness of dawn, marking everyone’s individual experience as daylight sweeps across the country in a continuous wave from the North East to the South West.

At 3:43am tune into an online broadcast as six performers from six sites across the UK create a live, musical performance that celebrates darkness turning to light.

This mass-participation artwork by non zero one is made in collaboration with composer James Bulley, commissioned by the National Trust in partnership with Heritage Open Days.

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It takes place live and online, and is lockdown-friendly – you find your own view of the sky and then tune in to the broadcast online. During the performance you are invited to take part in collective actions to mark your dawn, or simply be represented by a pin on the map.

3 - Platform and Laura Cannell