Unlocking Rituals EP by Laura Cannell

UNLOCKING RITUALS is the new solo EP from UK based Composer/Performer Laura Cannell. Stepping away from her signature overbow violin and recorders, the 4 track EP features a full church pipe organ that was built in 1899, and was recorded live in single takes inside a large rural East Anglian village church. Improvisation and fragmented ancient musical relics are at the heart of Cannell’s music, and here the slow moving air inside instrument becomes slow moving music in the building.

Another essential plate from multi-instrumentalist Laura Cannell, this time focusing on a pipe organ recorded live inside a 14th Century church. Incredible. slow-paced liturgical drones of the most brittle, absorbing pedigree.

“This Music is just Devine”
Tom Ravenscroft BBC 6Music
(Featured in May 2022 on BBC 6Music Tom Ravenscroft Recommends, New Music Fix & Sitting in for Gideon Coe).

Also recently featured on The Wire Magazines Resonance Radio Show Adventures in Sound and Music.

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