An epic light and sound display at the Tower of London…

Beyond the Deepening Shadow: The Tower Remembers

PHOTO-2018-11-09-16-28-19This new artistic tribute will run for eight nights, leading up to and including Armistice Day 2018. Runs from 4th – 11th November TICKETS: THE TOWER OF LONDON

In creating the new sound installation, Calix has worked with several of her past collaborators. Longstanding collaborator  Soundintermedia,
Solomon’s Knot, on a commission for Aldeburgh Festival, and Conductor Esmeralda Conde Ruiz, who she first worked with at Shakespeare’s Globe. For the first time, Calix has also worked with performer and composer Laura Cannell, whose work she has long been a great admirer of.

Commissioned and produced by Historic Royal Palaces, this new light and sound installation brings together a talented creative team, including Designer Tom Piper, Sound Artist Mira Calix, Lighting Designer Phil Supple, fire expert Mike Jones, Movement Director Anna Morrissey and Creative Director Deborah Shaw.”

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