June Sounds EP out Now on Brawl Records

JUNE SOUNDS from UK and Ireland based Laura Cannell and Kate Ellis is part 6 of a series of EP releases which are written, recorded and released every month throughout 2021 featuring Cannell’s signature evocative overbowed violin and vocals alongside Ellis’s deeply expressive cello playing.  

“The summer sun is blazing through our feet on burning sand, creating the shadows that we pass through. It’s glittery light glistens on ancient oceans and leans upon us as we spin. The JUNE SOUNDS EP marks the apex of our year documented in sound & art, we are deep in our sonorous exploration creating a legacy that reflects our changing world.”

Laura Cannell’s BBC 6Music Playlist 10/6/21

Released On: 10 JUNE LISTEN HERE

“Laura Cannell takes us on an exploration of nature in music. This 60 minute playlist features gorgeous sounds from Mary Lattimore, Colin Stetson and Oliver Coates, a track made by sampling reed beds in Suffolk, some 12th century music based on the work of the German Nun, Herbalist, writer, composer and visionary Hildegard von Bingen, the Bulgarian State Radio and Television Female Voice Choir and Lana Del Rey.”

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May Sounds 5 track EP by Laura Cannell & Kate Ellis

Vivid dreams of love and loss sit alongside tension and joy in the arrival of spring. The epic sonic world slowly shifts like tectonic plates.

“This months music has emerged from a time of reflection, the birds have seemed louder in our silence. The music echoes our past conversations and vivid dreams of love and loss. It helps us to remember those who have gone before while we keep moving forward amongst the blossoms of spring, looking forward to summer but never forgetting.” Laura Cannell & Kate Ellis.


Supported by Arts Council England National Lottery Funding

Boomkat Review – April Sounds ep

A welcome monthly arrival, Cannell & Ellis’ series embraces spring on an ‘April Sounds’ volume beautifully light-headed with a changing of the seasons and oscillating pressure fronts.

More explicitly effected than previous month’s outings, the duo’s 4th episode of 2021 features their vocals and strings deftly treated to reverb and delay to probe more expansive and spectral themes after a particularly earthly, nithered volume of ‘March Sounds.’ Everything here feels born again and renewed with light and space, blessed with the tentative promise of a decent harvest this year. 

Hashing Irish and British folk traditions with contemporary experimental urges, the results feel timeless and flow with a natural grace and pacing that speaks to their combined years in their respective fields; Laura Cannell as an eminent improvisor who has worked with Mark Fell and Rhodri Davies, and Ireland’s Kate Ellis bringing decades of experience as a classical cellist who has recorded with The National and Fovea Hex.” BOOMKAT